Porting Virtual Paradise to the 3DS (part 3)

Also see part 1 and part 2 in this series.

Finally it renders something! This took me quite a while to get working. Apparently the 3DS expects some vectors in WZYX ordering… The wrong ordering caused the projection and view matrix to be incorrect and the result was a blank screen.

However, on a real 3DS it looks like this:

In the emulator I could get quite a bit more working. I added the ability to load 3D models. It doesn’t download from the object path yet so I copied a pre-filled cache folder to the emulator’s virtual SD card as a test:

There it is, VP with 3D models loading on the 3DS emulator 🙂 Of course it is still missing textures, lighting and probably more.

Unfortunately I’m not sure how to fix it so it runs on a real 3DS. It doesn’t just have distorted rendering, with the model loading it hangs a few seconds after starting. Unless I get it working, this will be the last part in the series.