Virtual Paradise 0.4.1-alpha.11


  • Lock command (activate and bump triggers only)
  • Fog support in Direct3D 11 renderer
  • Use a forward clustered shading approach for all objects:
    • Support more than 32 lights for transparent objects
    • Get rid of rendering differences between 0.3.x and 0.4.1 alpha versions that were introduced with the deferred shading approach
    • Multisample anti-alias is supported again


  • Fix incorrect Y coordinate in teleport dialog (value was offset by 0.175)
  • Fix exp2 fog mode for OpenGL 1.x renderer (exp was used instead of exp2)
  • Fix names and chat above avatars not visible
  • Fix web command and web overlay not working

Known Issues

  • New lighting approach only available in Direct3D 11 mode
  • UPDATE October 12, 2019: In some cases all objects might render completely black. This is due to a bug in the new fog code. To work around it, enter a world with fog enabled (e.g. VP-Build or test4), then go back to the world you intended to visit.

If you find any other issues, please let me know!


Download for 64-bit Windows
Download for 32-bit Windows