Porting Virtual Paradise to the 3DS (part 1)

Since I made my old 3DS capable of running homebrew software yesterday, I decided it would be an fun project to try porting VP to the 3DS. Considering I only have an old 3DS instead of the “New 3DS” it’s probably not going to be very fast 😅

This port is just an experiment and it might not even be released. I’ve done similar things before, such as a port to the Wii and a port to DOS. Those ports were very incomplete and were never released.

For building the software I’m using the devkitARM toolchain from devkitPro. It turns out that quite a few of VP’s dependencies such as Bullet Physics, zlib, and mbedtls are already available as packages from the devkitPro pacman repository. Not having to build them myself will save some time.

After a few hours of cleaning up the causes of build errors, adding stubs in various places and implementing some system specific functions for the new platform, I have at least the network functionality working:

It logs in and shows the world list, but it doesn’t enter a world yet. While the networking code for entering a world would probably work, other parts of VP expect to have a functioning renderer available. So it will take some more effort to get that working.